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In-car Security Fog Machine System
In-car security solution that prevents thieves seeing

Nearly 2 million out of a total of 22 million vehicles are broken into or stolen every year. Most of these crimes are not immediately detected because even if a siren is triggered this is usually ignored.
Pea Soup Ltd. have the solution - physical prevention of theft.

Our in-car fog security system is a compact unit with an emphasis on both user and installer friendliness. The unit is 12 volt DC car battery powered.

The small size (154mm in length x 43mm in height x 60mm in depth) allows it to be housed far more easily in small spaces such as under car seats or even suspended in either the passenger or drivers footwell. The most important consideration in locating the unit is to optimise the fog dispersion.

In standby the unit draws no current whatsoever. The main feature of the system is that, on activation, it reaches operating temperature in less than three seconds and then immediately produces impressive volumes of fog.

The unit uses a coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger and a microprocessor control circuit with in-built safety features to prevent discharge in a moving vehicle. The specially formulated smoke fluid is now contained in a pressurised aerosol that can be located up to 2 metres from the Control Unit.

The unit has an integral timer allowing the installer to regulate, at the touch of a button, the amount of fog discharged. It also has the facility to trigger a pager and/or siren and/or voice module as well as remote arming/disarming.

There are both positive and negative trigger inputs that can be linked to an existing alarm system or other sensors including door pin switches, ultra-sonic and/or microwave etc. By using the various optional extras the unit can also be used without need for another alarm.

The fog is totally harmless to both person and property but is extremely unpleasant to remain in. The intruder will make a hasty retreat and most certainly will not be able to see to steal or cause damage.
The unit can be used in vehicles of varying sizes by regulating the flow of fog. In this way you can generate the volume of fog necessary to cater for the size of the area being protected.

The length of each fog activation will determine the number of times you can use the system before having to replace the aerosol (approx. 40 times in a standard sized car) and there is a low fluid indicator light to ensure the unit is always ready to work for you.

This system is safe for use not only in motor vehicles but also in boats, caravans and buildings.

The car fog security system is ideally suited to car security applications and differs from alarms and other security devices by physically preventing thieves from seeing. Not only can nobody see anything to steal in a car full of thick fog or drive it for any distance, it also draws attention to the crime in a way that an alarm could not.


  • Heat up time from cold: 3 seconds
  • High fog output
  • Draws fog fluid from a pressurised fluid canister (no CO2 cylinder or regulator required)
  • Full control over amount of smoke produced


  • Ultra compact (154mm x 60mm x 43mm)
  • Coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor control
  • Safety feature stops unit being activated whilst vehicle is moving.


  • Trigger inputs link to existing alarm system
  • Power supply: 12v DC car battery
  • Warm up time from cold: 3 seconds
  • Approx. 40 activations from one canister in an average sized car
  • Facility to trigger a pager/siren/voice module as well as remote arming/disarming

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Height: 43mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Length: 154mm

System comes complete with fog module, wiring harness, aerosol mounting assembly and one aerosol canister.

Please note car battery is not included.




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